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The North East Notables podcast is designed to give our listeners a tour of the North East accompanied by the sounds of the local music scenes.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 6: Couchsleepers

    This week Jill talks to Harrison Wood Hsiang the lead singer of the band "Couchsleepers" from Vermont. They talked about the unique music scene of Vermont, how Harrison's love of literature shapes the lyrics to their songs and how the banjo is incorporated into one of their songs.  ...


  2. Episode 5: Mandala

    Jill is back in Connecticut this week, talking to self proclaimed "basement rock quartet," Mandala. They spilled an exciting secret along with news about their upcoming album.     ...


  3. Episode 4: Kids That Fly

    This week Jill gives you a little look into her Connecticut roots with the band "Kids That Fly." In this episode, we hear about what it is like to be a musician at the University of Connecticut, the sacred Mansfield, CT basement shows and how a meme influenced the band's album ...


  4. Episode 3: The Spins

    This week Jill takes you to New Jersey to talk to the local band, The Spins. In this episode, we hear about the adorable dog that has made many cameos in their music videos and album covers, the unique venue The Hayloft and The Spins new EP.    ...


  5. Episode 2: The Q-Tip Bandits

    Back in Boston, we speak to the indie pop band, The Q-Tip Bandits. Jillian talks to the two front-people, Claire Davis and Leo Son, about their unique name, how they toured Europe and what it's like having brass instruments in the band. ...